the ultimate guide to gain weight for skinny men who are just getting started



Everything you need to know to get started


There are 5 *VERY* important steps you need to do and understand to successfully gain weight, which I will cover in full details in this guide:


1. The truth about gaining weight


2. Calorie: the no.1 formula to gain weight.


3. Do’s & dont’s: 3 reasons why most people fail.


4. Supplements: do you really need them?


5. Workout: exercises to gain weight faster.




Why you're eating a lot of food... but still not gaining any weight?





When I was 22 years old, me and my college friend did our internship at a local travel agency. I was studying tourism management at the time


we arrived in the office early morning and one of the female staff had us do some cleaning work in the office. She’s a very friendly–and even a little bit flirty–person.




I saw her leaning towards my friend, and she was touching, grabbing and admiring his big strong bicep.


I didnt feel jealous at all, but it definitely made me feel insecure about my weak skinny arms.


My friend plays football. He’s not muscular like a bodybuilder… but he does look fit.


When he wears a shirt… his sleeves would wrap tightly around his big arms showing off his muscles.


No doubt, women are naturally attracted to bigger and stronger looking men. they feel protected and safe around strong men.


Since that day…


I wanted to get bigger and muscular too. I wanted to improve my body to look better, to be respected, and to be admired.


But how do you become this big muscular guy? How do you bulk up and gain weight?


I went on to doing a lot of exercises. my muscles were showing, but I still wasn’t getting any bigger though. I was just a skinny guy with lean muscles.


I tried everything to gain weight and size–i exercised hard, I ate a lot of food and even bought all kinds of protein drinks and supplements.




No matter what I did, I still wasnt gaining any weight and size at all!


I was frustrated. I spent months doing all kinds of things, but none of it worked!


People were telling me how it was a blessing that I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight. They were telling me how jealous they were of my fast metabolism.


Yet here I was, wishing that I could gain some weight and become a big muscular guy.


I didn’t want to be skinny anymore. I wanted to get bigger and stronger!


Chris Hemsworth transformation


How the heck do the men on the cover of men’s health magazine can build those kind of body?


How come their muscles are bigger than mine?


Are they training harder than I am, and doing 1,000 reps more than me?!


Or are they just naturally gifted?


Was my skinny asian DNA stopping me and preventing me from ever gaining weight?


I had so many questions on my mind. So I went online and googled “how to gain weight for skinny guys” and the term ectomorph and hardgainer popped up!


I started to believe that I was a skinny hardgainer who can never gain any weight


But when I dug deeper into the subject…


I found that there were other hardgainers and ectomorphs who were able to successfully gain weight!


So I wondered, if they can do it.. Why cant I?


I continued doing more research…


I searched in forums, I watched youtube videos, I studied other successful hardgainers.




After a few months of research and gathering alot of information, I realized i’ve been doing things the wrong way.


I was excited to put my newfound knowledge into practice and do things right this time.


I quickly applied what I had learned.


And in just 2 months…


I finally saw massive transformation in my body!


me after 2 months


My chest and arms grew bigger.


My clothes fit me better, and when I wear my shirt… my sleeves would wrap tightly around my arms showing off my biceps.


I looked good, and I felt good.


I finally achieved my goal and I felt amazing!


all that hard work finally paid off!


I was so sick and tired of being skinny!


I wasn’t trying to become a bodybuilder. I just wanted to look healthy, and strong.


friends were amazed and admired my transformation. they wanted to know how I did it!


I shared my weight gain strategies with my friend Kyle who was also struggling to gain weight.


and after a few months, he also gained muscle and size in his body too.


Kyle posing in Singapore


The best thing besides gaining weight and transforming your body is…


You dont just improve physically from the outside… but you also internally *feel* stronger, healthier, and more confident.


If me, my friend kyle, and other skinny guys can do it… I’m confident that you can do it too!


So how does it work?


How exactly do you gain weight if youre a struggling skinny guy?


whats the difference between those who are successful, versus the ones who fail to gain weight?


UP NEXT: I’ll reveal the real truth about gaining weight, and why most skinny men and women fail. The sooner you realize this, the quicker you’ll be able to fix your mistake





Gaining weight for skinny men and women is hard, but not impossible.


Everyday I get emails from men and women who need help in gaining weight.


“I’m eating a lot, but I’m still not gaining any weight”




when I ask them what they are eating in a day, and how much they are eating…. I find out that its actually very little!


I used to do the same mistake too when I was still learning to gain weight.


I thought I was eating alot…


but when I actually learned to count my calories, I realized what I had thought was alot in my mind was actually very little.


The truth is, if you’re not gaining then it simply means that you are NOT eating enough.


You may *THINK* that you are eating a lot of food, but if you actually learn to count how many calories you are eating in a day, then you’ll realize that you’re actually eating less than what you’re supposed to.


Anybody can say that they’re eating a lot. but what you *assume* is a lot to you, could actually be very little.


My friend Kyle shares his own experience…


“As a skinny person who ate very little on a daily basis, even just adding an extra scoop of rice was considered A LOT in mind. That was because I was so used to eating like a mouse. Even a little bit extra was a huge amount for me. A skinny person will have to change their mindset and realize that they are not eating enough.


… In a skinny persons mind, it’s always “I eat so much but I never gain!” you need to get that out of your head. You are NOT eating enough, and you are NOT eating a lot. The only thing you are doing is increasing your daily calories by a minuscule amount…”


Nutrition and dieting will be the most important part of what you do.


If you don’t eat, then you don’t grow and you are never going to gain weight and muscle.
Your body needs nutrients to be able to grow.


Many hardgainers think they’re eating a lot of food and are wondering why they are not gaining weight.
Simple answer: they are not eating enough.


They only *THINK* that they are eating a lot, but in reality they are eating at or below their maintenance level.


In the next part of this guide, I’ll teach you step by step how to count your calorie


There’s no such thing as a hardgainer, only under eaters.


Forget all that ‘hardgainers’, ‘ectomorph’, and ‘high metabolism’ nonsense. those are just excuses for people who don’t put the effort into their diet.


I used to label myself as an ectomorph.


and once I labeled myself that… I was trapped in that mindset and it became an excuse not to gain weight.


I would have a limiting self belief and would quietly say to myself…


“ow, I can never do that.. I’m just a skinny ectomorph who will never gain weight”


you have to change your mindset–youre not a hardgainer, or an ectomorph, and you dont have high metabolism.


All you are doing is youre undereating.


you need to actually count your calorie to know for sure whether you’re actually eating alot, or less…


Because when you actually learn to count how many calories you’re eating in a day, Then…


you’ll realize that what you’ve always assumed is a lot to you is actually very little, and you’ve only been increasing your food intake by a miniscule amount.


The sooner you realize that you’ve not been eating enough…


the easier the next part of gaining weight becomes.


KEY TAKEAWAY: the simple truth to gaining weight is eating alot.


You may *think” that you’ve been eating alot, but you’re not.


I know, because I went though the same mistake.



UP NEXT: I’ll show you step by step how to count your calorie so that you know exactly how much calorie youre getting in a day… and then you’ll realize that its actually not alot!





The internet is filled with so many false information. One of them is this video. There is absolutely NO WAY you will gain weight just by taking honey, milk, and bananas like the video says…


the simple explanation on how your body gains (or lose) weight is through calorie consumption.





All foods contain calories.


Calorie is a unit of measurement to measure energy a particular food, or drink contains.


So, when you hear something contains ‘100 calories’, it’s a way of describing how much energy your body could get from eating or drinking it.


Calories are the fuel your body needs to work and play. If you don’t eat, then you don’t have energy (calories) to do your daily activities.


In order to maintain your weight, then the amount of calorie that you need to have to be able to perform and do your daily activity has to be the same amount that you are burning.


But if you want to *gain* more weight, then the amount you’re eating has to be *more* than the calorie you’re burning.




1. First, take out a pen and paper to create something similar to this:



2. Then, list down and document everything you regularly eat in a day starting from breakfast to dinner and beyond.


3. Next, calculate each food’s calorie.


to count your calories… just go to Google and type “(food name) calories”, and it will show you how much calorie that food contains.


For example: typing “chicken rice calorie” will show:


1 plate of chicken rice = 607 calories


Or, If you have a smartphone, you can download the ‘myfitnesspal’ app and search for each food’s calorie from within the app.


Write it down and you should have something like this:



4. add up your total daily calorie from breakfast to late dinner, and then…


5. Once you’re done, compare your total daily calorie with this calculator, or the table below.


The table below shows your calorie maintenance level. It is the amount of calorie you need in a day in order to *MAINTAIN* your weight.


Male calorie maintenance per day:


Female calorie maintenance per day:


1. Sedentary: your typical daily routine requires little physical movements (e.g., sitting for long periods, using a computer, relying primarily on motorized transportation) and you accumulate little physical activity in your leisure time.


2. Low active: your typical daily routine involves some physical activity (eg. walking to bus, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow) and you accumulate some additional physical acitivity in your leisure time


3. Active: your typical daily tasks involve some physical activity and you accumulate at least 2 ½ hours of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity each week. Moderate to vigorous physical activity will make you breathe harder and your heart beat faster.


* * * * *


if you’ve calculated your total daily calories correctly, and you’ve compared it with your calorie maintenance level… you will now finally know for *sure* if you are actually eating alot, or less.


now food becomes a number, and you need to fulfill that number to achieve your weight gain goal.


So in order to GAIN…


you just need to eat above your maintainance level. that may either be adding an extra 500 or 1000 calorie into your daily diet



“When you put them [food] on this calculated amount of calories, now you’re looking at a friggin’ number and you’ve got to fulfill that number every day…. and you’re going to realize you have not been eating enough food!”

– Elliot Hulse


for every person, the number of required daily calories is going to be different…


you can’t expect to eat like your friends and you’ll get the same result as them. you’re gonna have to eat MORE  than what other people eat.


For some… it might be eating 3,000 calories a day (bodybuilders alone eat 3,000 calories just for breakfast!)


For others, it might be 10,000 calories or more due to their health condition, or active lifestyle. (my friend has hyperthyroidism that causes him to lose weight fast, so he needs more than 5,000 calories a day)




KEY TAKEAWAY: Calorie is *very* important if you’re serious and commited to gain weight. In my first (failed) attempt to gain weight… I was too busy looking for a magic formula, a magic pill, and a magic food to gain weight. There is none.


Its all about your calorie. The more calories you eat, the more weight you will gain.


If I’d paid more attention to calories in the beginning, I would’ve gained weight early on and not waste time and energy doing things that didnt give any results.




Just eating a lot and getting enough calories is just a piece of the puzzle and *still* not enough. You have to make sure that you don’t waste your hard earned calories by doing a lot of activities that are burning too much caloreis


UP NEXT: we’ll go over the do’s and dont’s of gaining weight, and I’ll share with you the 3 common mistakes most people make that is preventing them from ever gaining weight… so that you can avoid those same mistakes.







A lot of people ask, “what should I eat to gain weight?”


but they don’t even eat what’s already in front of them.


Just. eat. whatever you are currently eating. and eat MORE of it!


You might even have to double (or even triple) what you are currently eating.


As i’ve already mentioned before…


The real reason why youre not gaining is simply because youre not eating enough.


I used to think that I was eating alot, but I was only eating alot during dinner… and would often skip my breakfast and lunch


You *cannot* afford to skip your meals.


You have to always eat breakfast, lunch, *AND* dinner.


some guys maybe saying…



“But there’s no way I can eat more than what I’m already eating. I’m always full. if I eat anymore food I’ll end up vomiting”



it was difficult to force myself to eat alot of food in the first week of gaining because my stomach wasnt used to eating alot.


sometimes I didnt have any appetite and would feel full just by eating very little.


Like a muscle, your stomach can be trained to eat more food.


I had to train my stomach to eat alot of food in the first weeks of gaining.


Furious Pete


eating will now become your full time job. you’re not eating because you want to taste if the food is delicious, or not. you’re eating to GAIN and to up your calorie.


you have to FORCE your stomach to accept more food, even when you’re not hungry.


you need to make sure that you’re getting enough calories that will help you to gain weight! and that means to keep eating even *after* you’re already full!


tips: you can sip a glass of water while chewing your food to be able to swallow and digest your food easily. Put food in your mouth, sip a glass of water, chew, swallow.



“What if I’m a vegetarian?”



The same principle applies–Increase your daily calorie.


1. track what you’re eating in a day,


2. count your total daily calorie so that you know how much you calorie you need to add to your diet…


3. and then, just eat more of what you’re already eating!





Maybe you’re eating alot like you say you are…


But, you’re probably burning alot of those calories as well


I do parkour and freerunning, and i’ve done parkour stunts and performances for a few brands…


Mountain Dew TVC Parkour stunt double


sometimes I train parkour for more than 2 hours a session.


I later found out that that was terrible if my goal was to gain weight because I was burning too much calories.


I was training parkour too hard and burning too much calories that was causing my body to become skinny.


martial arts, badminton, running, playing football, and cycling are burning too much calories. it’s the reason why you’re skinny and having a difficult time gaining.


Cardio is your enemy


If you’re eating a lot but still burning too much calories…


Then you’re *NOT* keeping the calories. You’re throwing it away.


You have to minimize cardio as much as possible so that you don’t burn a lot of calories that you are working hard to gain.


You’re always burning energy.


you are using up your energy in all sorts of ways that will burn your calories–whether you’re playing video games, skipping up stairs, or doing house chores.


And to add to that…


when you are working out and exercising for more than 60 minutes, your body starts to release ‘cortisol’ which is a muscle destroying hormone that breaks down muscle proteins.


You have to minimize your cardio activities, and try to spend no more than 60 minutes at the gym.


A typical 45 – 60 minute should be a good time frame for gaining weight and building muscle. more than that, then you are burning calories and losing weight.


I cant emphasise enough how calorie is important if you want to gain weight. And you want to gain and keep it in your body as much as you possibly can.


That means you have to minimize as much movements, activity, and cardio as you possibly can so that you don’t burn a lot of calories that you are working hard to gain.


you need to work on being more calm and zen-like with your movement, and try to fight against your constant desire to fidget and waste energy.


But that doesn’t mean you have to completely stop doing what you love if you want to gain weight.


If you do any type of cardio workout, you can still gain weight by making sure that your calorie input is *MORE* than what you burn.




When I was still a dumb and naive skinny guy, I bought all kinds of supplements to gain weight. I was looking for a magic bullet that will give me instant gain!


dont be this guy–spends all his money on supplements, and not enough on real food.


Supplements do help *IF* you are already eating well and need additional calories in your diet.


Take a look at the product review below for a weight gain pill being sold at Amazon.


Pay attention to the 1 star negative review, versus the 5 star review.



The people who gave the 1 star negative review complain that the pills don’t work.


But take a second look at the 5 star positive review.


Why did the pills work for the 5 star reviewer?


The people with the 1 star negative reviews expected the pills to do the work for them…


but the 5 star reviewer comments that the pills don’t specifically help you to gain weight…


They only work to give you appetite so that you have the desire to EAT.


… and *then* you still have to eat to gain weight!


Most skinny people fail to gain weight because they make the mistake of relying on pills, supplements, and protein drinks to do the work for them thinking that their problems will magically disappear when they take those products. WRONG!


Even If you do take pills or supplements, you *STILL* need to eat alot of food!


I often see so many people focusing too much on supplements, and not enough on eating real food. the problem that these people have is that they got it backwards. you should focus on getting high calories from eating real food FIRST.


pills and supplements are not substitutes to eating–they are a supplement to eating. Thats why its called ‘supplement’ and not replacement.


UP NEXT: I’ll talk about supplements, and if you really need them at all.





Sometimes I get weird people emailing me…


“Fareez, I’m eating bananas all day but I’m still not gaining any weight”


I then take a loooong deep sigh, and imagine stabbing myself multiple times in the head.


Look, no matter how many bananas you’re eating, pills you’re taking, or protein drinks you’re drinking…


You still won’t gain any weight if your calorie is still low.


There is “NO” secret or magic food to gain weight. It all comes down to eating A LOT to increase your daily calorie.


you just have to eat more than you what you are currently eating right now. That means doubling, or even tripling what you are currently eating.


while you’re too busy looking for the ‘secret’ to gain weight… other people are busy eating a lot to increase their daily calories!




Eating alot of food can be a challenge to some. sometimes you feel like vomiting from forcing yourself eating alot of food.


if you need additional calories in your diet, you can consider supplements to help you with your diet… only *IF* you are already eating alot of food and getting enough calories from eating real food


Supplements should only be used for additional calories that you’re having a difficult time getting from your meals.


Liquid calories are your friend.


besides eating your calories…


you can also *drink* your calories.


In the early weeks of my weight gain plan, I did G.O.M.A.D. to supplement my diet.


G.O.M.A.D. stands for Gallon Of Milk A Day. It’s basically calories in liquid form.


It was a great supplement that I added to my exisiting diet. and It helped me add in additional calories that I needed and that I wasnt getting enough from my meals.


I drank a gallon of whole milk a day, for every day. And although it worked really well, it did caused constipation and made me go to the toilet regularly.


The challenge with GOMAD also made my stomach feel full.


So, after the 2nd week of doing GOMAD, I switched to Dyamatize Mass Gainers instead. Dyamatize mass gainer was easier to digest compared to GOMAD, and it didnt make me feel full and bloated like GOMAD did.




Mass gainer contains more calories than regular whey protein.


Both Mass gainers, and whey protein work as muscle recovery to promote muscle growth.


If you’re a skinny guy who can’t gain weight and want to build muscle mass… then mass gainers would be suitable for you.


For others who can gain weight easily and want slow gains, then whey protein would be enough.




The purpose of protein is to repair muscle tissues so that the muscles can grow bigger and stronger. If you take protein but don’t workout… then there is a high chance that your daily calorie input will be more than your output, and you will gain belly fat instead of muscles. it will just be a waste of money.




If you’re just getting started with weight gain, you don’t really need to worry about supplements or protein drinks too much. just focus on eating right.


KEY TAKEAWAY: liquid calories are your friend. Supplements and protein drinks can help add in additional calories that you need *IF* you’re already taking care of your diet.


Supplements won’t work if you’re still not eating right. it’ll just be a waste of money.


UP NEXT: If you want faster gains, you can exercise to stimulate muscle growth. But you can’t just do any kind of exercises you feel like doing. Some exercises will benefit you, while others will stop you from gaining. I’ll teach you what exercise you can, and *CAN’T* do to help you gain weight faster, and build muscles.





If you eat a lot but don’t exercise, then there is a chance that you will gain belly fat!


The extra calories and the food nutrients will be stored in your belly as fat, instead of it being fed and absorbed into your muscles.


I recommend for you to workout and exercise so that all the weight you gained will be healthy body weight, instead of unhealthy belly fat.


if you exercise, AND eat a lot, then you will be feeding your muscles and telling it to grow.


However, you can’t just do any random exercise that you feel like doing if your goal is to gain weight. You have to avoid cardio workouts that are burning too much calories. Otherwise, all your hard earned calories will be flushed down the drain.


i do parkour. and sometimes I train for more than 2 hours a session. and I realized that that was terrible if my goal was to gain weight, because I was burning too much calories.


When you’re working out and exercising for more than 60 minutes a session, your body starts to release ‘cortisol’ which is a muscle destroying hormone that breaks down muscle proteins. It can make you skinnier.


Cardio is your enemy


You have to minimize your cardio activities, and try to spend no more than 60 minutes at the gym.


A typical 45 – 60 minute should be a good time frame for gaining weight and building muscle. more than that, then you are burning calories and losing weight.


You have to minimize cardio as much as you possible can so that you don’t burn a lot of calories that you are working hard to gain.


There are certain exercises that you can do to stimulate growth, but there are also exercises that you have to avoid, or at least minimize because it will prevent you from gaining weight


And an example of that is jogging for long hours…


Jogging is a cardio workout that burns calories. it’s the reason why you’re getting skinnier.


Marathon runners run for loooong hours and release cortisol to burn energy…


while sprint runners use explosive energy and muscles to run fast in a short amount of time.


If you get stronger, you get bigger.


The best kind of exercise to gain weight, size, and muscles are workouts that are geared towards improving your strength. and that can either be gym workout, home workout, or even bodyweight!


no matter WHAT routine you follow, if you are getting stronger and increasing difficulty to each exercise (while eating enough calories) you will get bigger.


To make sure you’re training to get bigger and stronger…


You have to keep your reps between 5 – 12 range for strength, power and size.


Do not go over 12 reps, otherwise you’re training for muscle endurance–Your muscles will not be big, but you’re they can endure long hours of stress


My goal was to build size and grow bigger, so I kept my reps at 8 reps to failure. Meaning; the maximum weight I can lift was 8 reps. If I can do more than 8, it means the weight is too light and i needed to increase.


Here’s an overview of what each rep will give you:


1 – 5 reps: strength and power


5 – 8 reps: strength and some size


8 – 12 reps: size and some strength


12+ reps: muscle endurance.



Your workout options are:

1. gym workout,

2. home workout,

3. or even, body weight work out



1. GYM WORKOUT: lifting heavy weight in the gym is the most popular way to gain weight and build size.




You wont necessarily grow big just because you lift weights. If you just lift weights alone and dont eat, you will still become very skinny. you still need to EAT to feed your muscles!


• Lift *very* heavy weights to stimulate growth and achieve hypertrophy (large muscles).


You should be lifting weights that are as close as possible to the maximum weight you can handle.


If you lift weights that you have no problem in lifting, then your muscle wont feel the need to grow.


But if you lift very heavy weights, then your muscles would say to themselves…


“oof! I cant lift this. I need to grow bigger and stronger so that I can lift this.”


The weights should be so heavy that you hit “failure” (the physical inability to lift again) after 10 or 12 reps. Forced reps increase the stress placed on muscle fibers and overload the target muscles, making them work harder than ever and forcing them to grow.


• Increase your weights as soon as you need to. If you can do 15 lifts without hitting failure, you need more weight. You need to be lifting heavier and heavier weights. You need to up the weight periodically to let your body grow bigger.


• Explosive Lifts, extremely slow Negatives. Lift heavy weights with explosive fast energy to emphasize stress to your muscles (explosive positive), and go down very slow counting to 5 when dropping down (slow negative). do this for a maximum of 3 sets for 5 – 8 reps.



2. HOME WORKOUT: I didnt go to the gym. I only exercised in my bedroom and I was still able to gain weight and size. I bought a pair of heavy dumbells and a bench so that I can do dumbell presses.


You dont need fancy & expensive gym equipment to gain weight and build muscles from home. You can invest in heavy dumbells like I did, and you can still gain weight and size from home.



3. BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT: I usually train parkour in a nearby public park, and I would go there once a week.


One day…


I saw 3 nerdy guys doing calisthenic.


I went up to them and had a chat. They were all just getting started, and still looked small and skinny.


They were trying to do the muscle up but weren’t strong enough to pull themselves up.


After that day, I got busy with work and didnt train parkour as much


Then, a full year went by and I felt my parkour skills were getting rusty…


so I decided to go to the park again to do some parkour with a few friends.


At the park, I saw a group of guys doing calisthenic. What used to be 3 guys, were now a group of 7. Calisthenic was starting to pick up interest.


I watched from afar. And one of the guys had an impressive body and huge muscular arms.


And when I watched closely…


i realized that it was the same skinny guy that I met the previous year!


He used to be small and skinny…


now he’s big, muscular, and has *HUGE* biceps!


He told me that he didnt go to the gym or used any supplements. Just 100% pure calisthenic.


most people assume that you cant gain weight and size with bodyweight. But that guy was living proof that it *is* possible!


Just take a look at other calisthenic, and male gymnast athletes.


Calisthenic and male gymnast body


Those guys dont go to the gym, but they’re still able to build an amazing body.


How to grow bigger with body weight training?


The foundation of getting bigger, and building muscle mass is the same with bodyweight as it is with gym workout–you increase the difficulty of the workout. Not the reps.


With gym workout, you increase the difficulty by adding more weights and progress to lifting heavier weights without going over 12 reps.


if you increase reps and can do more than 12 reps… then you’re no longer training for size and strength, but you’re now training for muscle endurance instead!


So, doing 100 bodyweight push ups in a row will not build muscle and size, but instead you’re just becoming really efficient at doing lots of pushups


So, how the heck are you supposed to increase the difficulty of the workout without going over reps??


Because the only things that comes to mind when making your push ups harder is to do more reps, right?


The answer…


By making the movement difficult!


when the exercise gets easier and you can do more than 12 reps…


then you progress and increase the difficulty of the movement itself.


For example…


If you can do more than 15 reps of pushups…


then you progress and do diamond push ups, 1 hand push ups, paralel dip pushups, and handstand pushups


If you can do more than 15 reps pulls ups…


then you progress and do 1 hand pull ups, and muscle ups.


And if you can do more than 15 reps of squats…


then you progress and do pistol squats (one legged squat)…


no matter WHAT routine you follow, if you are getting stronger and adding more difficulty either by adding more weights, or making the movement harder (while eating enough calories) you will get bigger.


Things to keep in mind:


• Keep your workouts 45-60 Minutes so that your anabolic (muscle building) hormones are high. if you train for more than 60 minutes, your body starts to release a catabolic hormone called cortisol which is a ‘muscle destroying hormone’.


• Always remember to EAT and feed your body. If you lift weights but don’t feed your muscle, you won’t grow.


Eat pre-workout (before exercise) because you’ll need the energy, and post-workout (after exercise) to feed your muscle.


• Be consistent. Make a schedule and stick to it. I created a 3 month plan for myself and I started to see results in the 2nd month


• Let your muscles rest 1- 2 days. Your muscles get rebuilt and grow bigger during your rest days. Never exercise the same muscle two days in a row. They need 1 – 2 days to recover from its previous workout.


Skinny guys don’t need to train more, they need to eat and rest more so that they don’t burn calories!





Congratulations! you made it through to the end of this weight gain guide. I hope this guide will give you a clear road map of what you need to do.


Here’s the next step: Download the pdf version of this guide so that you can refer to it anytime you want. PLUS, I’ll also send you a step-by-step checklist of everything I covered in this guide to help you get started fast!



Why you're eating a lot of food... but still not gaining any weight?


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